Natal Charts

Natal Charts tell the story of your map.  What you have come into this life with both strengths and challenges.

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Transit Chart

Transit Charts combine the current planetary aspects with your personal natal chart.  The overlay of the two maps provides specific timing for events in your life.

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To understand and improve your relationships, comparing natal chart maps, provides insights to uplift and connect on more intimate levels.

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About Amy

For over twenty years Amy has been a practicing psychic astrologer in Los Angeles.  After a near death experiences as a child, Amy became open to her intuitive gifts and has been using them ever since.  At the age of sixteen Amy began psychic development training and fell in love with astrology.  Using the mathematical data from a Sidereal perspective combined with her clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities, Amy channels massive amounts of information specific to each client.

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How to order your chart

After purchasing your chart, email us your date, time and location of birth, and we will email you as soon as possible.