Natal Chart

The date, time and location of your birth creates your Natal Chart map.  Amy uses your Natal Chart to access the Akashic records and provide a channeled reading revealing your specific life path, personal strengths, talents and spiritual lessons.

Current Transits

Amy uses the current planetary transits in conjunction with your natal chart to reveal the specific timing of events and circumstances within your life.   By accessing the Current Transits of our planetary system, Amy is able to guide you to the most beneficial paths life has to offer.

Relationship Charts

By comparing the Natal Charts of two individuals, Amy is able to identify karmic connections, communication techniques and in depth analysis of personal and professional relationships.  With a clear understanding of how to learn and communicate with the people in our lives, intimacy and successful connections are easily achieved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in a reading?

All readings are done by phone, as I prefer to read specifically from the chart and can remain unaffected by any body language or emotional reaction to the information moving through me.  During the reading I will interpret your natal chart as well as discuss any upcoming planetary transits that will be influencing your life.  If there is an area of focus you would like to discuss simply let me know either before or during the reading.  At the end of the reading I leave time for you to ask any questions you may have, and if all of your questions have been answered, we spend the time looking deeper into your chart.

 What if I don't know my time of birth?

If you don't know your birth time, it does limit the specifics available from the reading.  In the U.S., most birth times are listed on birth certificates which can be ordered from the state office of vital records.  If you absolutely have no access to the time, Amy will channel the information that is available and relevant to your success.

How often do I need a reading?

Everyone is different, some clients read once a month, others come once a year, it simply depends on where you are on your life path.  Amy encourages her clients to trust their intuition and contact her for a reading whenever they feel the need for more information.




What to expect in your reading

Every chart reading is unique, the information that comes through is specific for you at the time of your reading.  While many clients prefer to take notes, Amy allows any type of recording you would like to use, however the energy of the reading often causes electrical challenges.   On the day and time of your appointment, Amy will call you directly and begin channeling information for you.  If you have specific questions or areas of concern you would like to focus on, Amy will always provide the answers.  Most clients are a bit overwhelmed after the download of information, simply give yourself time to process the reading and any follow up questions Amy is happy to answer via email or text.

Order your Chart

After purchasing your chart, email Amy your birthdate, time and location as well as the best phone number to contact you on for your reading, she will contact you within 24 hours to set up an appointment.